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Monday, February 28, 2005

Sandi Toksvig the last few weeks

Tuesday 22nd February
Feelin' hot, hot, hot? Sandi was as she celebrated summer with a show dedicated to those toasty warm summer days. Also on the menu; chewing gum, possum nipple warmers old age pensioners forgetting their pin numbers all in the company of comedian Mary Bourke, then as if the day wasn't perfect enough the lovely Sheila Hanncock came in to talk about using Kenneth Williams' toilet and her starring role in The Anniversary at the Garrick, for tickets call the LBC 97.3 Ticketline on 0870 3800 973 or
click here
Monday 21st February
Sandi Toksvig was mostly live from 'The Home of Football' - Arsenal's, Highbury ground. Sandi hosted a very special show in aid of childline. If you would like to make a donation to Childline please
click here Sandi was joined by Bonnie Langford, dressed only in the Arsenal strip, ex Arsenal player - Kenny Sampson and John 'sports boy' Cushing. We asked you to pledge for childline. Amongst the many calls and texts, Karen in Bromley promised £500 if Kenny could get as many Arsenal players signatures for her football mad boyfriend Andy. If you want to know more about Childline - click here
Friday 18th February
Bonnie Langford New York has the 'Big Apple' but London has no catchphrase so Bonnie invited you to suggest one. Lili In Steatham suggested 'London - the city that never sweeps' but we all liked 'Living La Vida London' The lovely Alkarim Jivani was Bonnie's special guest. Comedian Alan Francis dropped by he's appearing at The Kings Head Crouch End and then before you could say 'oh look here's another comedian' Hattie Hayridge' came along plugging her gig at The Hackney Empire. Throughout the show we featured the very funny Dean Park and his Wee Andy Webber single Buy Dean Park's single from Amazon
Thursday 17th February
Bonnie Langford for Sandi, today Bonnie revealed she once tap danced with Gene Kelly and loves fishy bites but not cockroaches, at least not on the same plate. Bonnie's guest was Ayesha Hazarica, who is staging a special event for International Women's Day. Comedian Ed Byrne was in moaning about having to sing the Lord's prayer with Cliff Richard, he also made a rude joke about a banana that Bonnie was eating. Finally Bonnie rounded off the show with a couple of cast members from 'Ying Tong' the new play about the Goons.
Oh and Bonnie also asked you about your fantasy comedy line-up, there were suggestions ranging from Bill Hicks to Old Man Steptoe and Molly Sugden to Bob Hope. Don't forget you can always EMail the show or call on 0870 90 90 973.
Wednesday 16th February
With Sandi away, Bonnie Langford hosted the show. Annie Caulfield was Bonnie's guest and Annie revealed that her grandad had given her, in his will, the piece of shrapnel left in his right foot during the Great War also Annie mentioned a disturbing dream she had about Ronnie Corbett. Bonnie talked about Royal Kitsch, a bottle opener in the shape of the Pope and that coffee is good for you. David Thomson the author of
'The Whole Equation ' gave an amazing insight into the history of Hollywood. Concert promoter Raymond Gubbay talked about his new production of Carmen at The Albert Hall

Tuesday 15th February
This week Sandi is mostly taking a week off so
Bonnie Langford hosted today's show. Bonnie talked about the power of chocolate, men using hair removal cream, gadgets you never use and DIY disasters. Bonnie was joined by the talented Stella Duffy, the rather hyperactive Helen Tayler (who ate three bars of chocolate during the show) and Amanda Waring who is starring in 'For The Love Of Chocolate' at the Jermyn Street Theatre and spends most of her time drenched head to toe in delicious chocolate from Paul Young.

Monday 14th February
This week Sandi is mostly taking a week off so the lovely
Bonnie Langford hosted today's show. Bonnie talked Valentines, gay penguins, orange, sorry, saffron curtains in Central Park New York, how to live for ever and purging your body. Bonnie was joined by Jack Klaff, Aussie comedian Carl Barron who's appearing at The Riverside Studios and Patrick Nolan and Martin Jenkins from the amazing 'Stones In His Pockets' play next Tuesday at The Fairfield Halls Croydon.
For ideas on where and what to do the kids this half term
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sandi Toksvig the last few weeks

Friday 11th February
Today Sandi mostly talked about affairs of the heart, UN Peace Keepers, and was joined throughout the show by Alkarim Jivani. She was also joined by her new 'Art Tart' Linda Smith to discuss 'Turner Monet Whistler', the new exhibition at the
Tate Britain . Sandi talked mice, swans and horses...........we definately enjoyed the Mice quiz! (sqweek!). Later in the show, Ventriloquist act Nina Conti and her Monkey joined in the fun -well, Sandi interviewed the monkey really! Nina is currently starring at the Hackney Empire.

Thursday 10th February
Well, another day, and another show! After all that talking, we're exhausted, but what a show! Sandi was joined today by author Annie McCartney, and the two happily compared stories about their dogs. Apparently Sandi's dog is able to turn the television on for her, and let her watch the Clangers! They did also chat about the best thing to spend your money on, the Saudi Elections, Television on trains, and animal barcoding (at which point Sandi's dog whimpered!). Sandi was later joined by stuntman Jim Dowdall, who arrived by crashing through the window at the back of the studio in a jumpsuit and crash helmet (just kidding, but the image was there!!). He's quite brave really!!
Annie McCartney's new book "Your Cheatin' Heart" is out now.

Wednesday 9th February
There was plenty more fun with Sandi on today’s show. She was joined by Annie Caulfield and together they celebrated Chinese New Year…………this year being the year of the Rooster. With your help, Sandi came across some very funny ‘Confucius’ to help you through the new year and bring you good fortune! (there are some strange ideas floating around!)
They talked Education, Cloning, gathered more supporters for Sandi’s ‘Oh Anyway Parti’, ….and chatted about the prospect of a film version of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’. Oh oh!!!
Sandi was later joined in the studio by actor Steven Weber, who is currently starring alongside Kevin Spacey in ‘National Anthem’ at the
Old Vic Theatre.
Tuesday 8th February
Well what a show, Sandi spent a lot of the time stacking cups, we plugged a goldfish into the mains (just kidding) We talked divorce parties and pancakes, lobsters and toads. Sandi was joined by Angie Greaves and Zoe Lyons, Zoe told Sandi she was once frightened by a Nun and Farmer Phil told us about his chickens that lay
blue eggs. Then the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain dropped by.

Monday 7th February
Today Sandi mostly talked about things she'd found in the Readers Digest, should the Pope and the Queen go on holiday together? and the history of the London Underground map. Bonnie Langford was Sandi's guest and Gavin Lee who plays Burt in
'Mary Poppins - The Musical' dropped in (and left the studio in a very sooty state) We had heaps of fun turning famous novels into Readers Digest condensed versions, here are a few:
Lord Of The Rings - Bunch of funny looking things, kuffufle over a ring, battle battle battle, ring destroyed - nice one.
Emma by Jane Austen - Young posh totty, fretful dad, horny vicar, giggling lackey, hilarious romantic mismatches and mischief-making, then swoons for a much older gentlemen with a bit of land. The End.
Listen Now to Sandi as she turns The Railway Children into one sentence
(Mary Poppins - The Musical image Copyright Cameron Mackinstosh 2005)
Friday 4th February
Today Sandi mostly talked rhubarb, naughtiness and pure evil, we all enjoyed the Queen Victoria quiz, but Jo Parkerson our showbiz babe preferred the quiz about penguins Sandi had the other day. Sandi was joined by the very talented Jack Klaff, Di Stubbs from the
Joseph Rountree Trust who are looking for visionaries prepared to make the world a better place. Bonnie Langford (pictured right) popped in, she's appearing in 'Pete'n'Me' at the New End Theatre Hampstead and finally the very funny Felix Dexter talked about embarrassing auditions.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Sandi Toksvig

Wednesday 26th January
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about the history of lipstick, why men pee against walls, Tigers, Herbal Tea and Jesus. Sandi was joined by the lovely Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown two comedians, then there was three, when the other Will Smith comedian dropped in.
Thursday 27th January
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about The Daily Express readers offer of a magnifying glass for your television, embarrassing family history, living in a cave, the flush toilet inventor controversy and boy scouts. Sandi was joined by the lovely Annie Caulfield and Max Oscar from the West End Smash 'The Producers'
Friday 28th January
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about bats, starting her own political party, chimps having a tea party at the Waldorf and the state of late night TV. Sandi was joined by the lovely Alkarim Jivani from Time Out and the amazing David Bodanis who wrote
'TheElectric Universe' Also Lawrence Till from The Watford Palace Theatre dropped by. Don't forget you can catch The Best Of Sandi Toksvig this Saturday from 1.00pm.
Monday 31st January
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about Tim's dad's front door and the fact it used to appear in the popular TV programme 'Minder'. Sandi also discussed suitable music for hens to lay eggs to, Churchill's funeral and do we know the difference between H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. with the
Terrence Higgins Trust. Sandi was joined by Ellie Levenson.
Tuesday 1st February
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about shoelaces, painting by numbers, countries we have never heard of, genocide and crossword puzzles. The lovely Stella Duffy dropped by along with Alain De Botton author of
Status Anxiety and Ragah Omaar author of Revolution Day
Wednesday 2nd February
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about groundhog day what would happen if you met an alien, how you become Pope, falling on your feet, and groundhog day. Sandi was joined by the lovely Annie Caulfield and from 'Simply Heavenly' Chris Coluhoun (wasn't he in Casualty?) Oh and we celebrated groundhog day.
Thursday 3rd February
Anna Raeburn was Sandi's guest Thursday
On today's show Sandi mostly talked about shoes, buying them on the internet, gospel shoes that have Bible texts written on them, the meaning life, not being able to write to Royal Mail,Old fashioned holidays, global warming and smart arses. Sandi was joined by the lovely Anna Raeburn, Roger Higman from
Friends of the Earth and A.J. Jacobs who wrote 'The Know It All' published by William Henemann .