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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sandi Toksvig the last few weeks

Friday 11th February
Today Sandi mostly talked about affairs of the heart, UN Peace Keepers, and was joined throughout the show by Alkarim Jivani. She was also joined by her new 'Art Tart' Linda Smith to discuss 'Turner Monet Whistler', the new exhibition at the
Tate Britain . Sandi talked mice, swans and horses...........we definately enjoyed the Mice quiz! (sqweek!). Later in the show, Ventriloquist act Nina Conti and her Monkey joined in the fun -well, Sandi interviewed the monkey really! Nina is currently starring at the Hackney Empire.

Thursday 10th February
Well, another day, and another show! After all that talking, we're exhausted, but what a show! Sandi was joined today by author Annie McCartney, and the two happily compared stories about their dogs. Apparently Sandi's dog is able to turn the television on for her, and let her watch the Clangers! They did also chat about the best thing to spend your money on, the Saudi Elections, Television on trains, and animal barcoding (at which point Sandi's dog whimpered!). Sandi was later joined by stuntman Jim Dowdall, who arrived by crashing through the window at the back of the studio in a jumpsuit and crash helmet (just kidding, but the image was there!!). He's quite brave really!!
Annie McCartney's new book "Your Cheatin' Heart" is out now.

Wednesday 9th February
There was plenty more fun with Sandi on today’s show. She was joined by Annie Caulfield and together they celebrated Chinese New Year…………this year being the year of the Rooster. With your help, Sandi came across some very funny ‘Confucius’ to help you through the new year and bring you good fortune! (there are some strange ideas floating around!)
They talked Education, Cloning, gathered more supporters for Sandi’s ‘Oh Anyway Parti’, ….and chatted about the prospect of a film version of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’. Oh oh!!!
Sandi was later joined in the studio by actor Steven Weber, who is currently starring alongside Kevin Spacey in ‘National Anthem’ at the
Old Vic Theatre.
Tuesday 8th February
Well what a show, Sandi spent a lot of the time stacking cups, we plugged a goldfish into the mains (just kidding) We talked divorce parties and pancakes, lobsters and toads. Sandi was joined by Angie Greaves and Zoe Lyons, Zoe told Sandi she was once frightened by a Nun and Farmer Phil told us about his chickens that lay
blue eggs. Then the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain dropped by.

Monday 7th February
Today Sandi mostly talked about things she'd found in the Readers Digest, should the Pope and the Queen go on holiday together? and the history of the London Underground map. Bonnie Langford was Sandi's guest and Gavin Lee who plays Burt in
'Mary Poppins - The Musical' dropped in (and left the studio in a very sooty state) We had heaps of fun turning famous novels into Readers Digest condensed versions, here are a few:
Lord Of The Rings - Bunch of funny looking things, kuffufle over a ring, battle battle battle, ring destroyed - nice one.
Emma by Jane Austen - Young posh totty, fretful dad, horny vicar, giggling lackey, hilarious romantic mismatches and mischief-making, then swoons for a much older gentlemen with a bit of land. The End.
Listen Now to Sandi as she turns The Railway Children into one sentence
(Mary Poppins - The Musical image Copyright Cameron Mackinstosh 2005)
Friday 4th February
Today Sandi mostly talked rhubarb, naughtiness and pure evil, we all enjoyed the Queen Victoria quiz, but Jo Parkerson our showbiz babe preferred the quiz about penguins Sandi had the other day. Sandi was joined by the very talented Jack Klaff, Di Stubbs from the
Joseph Rountree Trust who are looking for visionaries prepared to make the world a better place. Bonnie Langford (pictured right) popped in, she's appearing in 'Pete'n'Me' at the New End Theatre Hampstead and finally the very funny Felix Dexter talked about embarrassing auditions.