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Friday, March 18, 2005

Sandi Toksvig the last few weeks

Friday 11th March
Today, Sandi was back from being under the weather, so I guess that means she was above the weather. Today we were running on communist time, as Sandi was wearing a rather chunky watch featuring a waving Chairman Mao, whilst in the House of Lords it was still Thursday, as they'd had a bit of an all-nighter debating the terror laws. Sandi held a reception for former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray and journalist and editor Alkarim Jivani, discussing how Norway is so well-run its PM can get worked up over Ikea only drawing men in its flat-pack instructions, and we worried about sacred cows causing congestion on India's roads. Perhaps it's time for a cow congestion charge?
Thursday 10th March
Sandi was under the weather so
Bonnie Langford hosted today's show, she spoke of ring tones for dogs, the real Truman Show, Desperate Housewives with expensive toddlers and a Romanian man who keeps his wife in a pigsty. Bonnie was joined by Jack Klaff and Marcus Brigstocke and special guest Duncan Goodhew - in to give a plug for the Swimathon a charity swimming event for all ages and abilities, raising money for the NCH - the children's charity.
Wednesday 9th March
Today Sandi was mostly talking about
Toasting Forks, curses, originality, eating hats and why are there so many Polish dentists? Sandi's guests today were Annie Caulfield, Sarah Edington who wrote The Captain's Table and Miranda Spitteler from Tree Aid and to round things off Sandi talked about jousting accountants and buying armour from EBay
Tuesday 8th March
Sandi was mostly
sharpening knives today, discussing the boob quizzes in The Star and The Sun all in the company of Marian Keyes author of The Other Side Of The Story . Best selling author Donna leon and Sandi celebrated The Birds Eye View Film Festival and The International Women's Day with Bita Fernandez Schmidt.
Monday 7th March
Sandi was mostly making curtains today with
Bonnie Langford they spoke of pressure groups, car boot sales Prince Charles talking to an albatross and the fact that Nelson suffered from seasickness. The lovely Judy Carmichael popped in to plug her show at the Pizza on the Park There was a chance to win tickets to the new production of On The Town with English National Opera.

Here's a rather dodgy Campen players sketch
Listen Now for you to hear, it's all about a German Hotel - bad taste? EMail
Friday 4th March
Sandi was mostly sharpening scissors today, she spoke of bogus dentists, winter wonderlands and dream retirement homes all in the company of Alkarim Jivani from
Time Out also dropping by, author of Jacob's Gift ' Jonathan Freedland. Also Sandi mentioned the amazing and heartwarming tale of John and Maggie Prestwich - John has spent most of the sixty-six years of his life in an iron lung - read about his story by clicking here

Ayesha Hazarika. Alexander McCall Smith popped in to celebrate world book day. Anni Marjoram talked about Capital Woman 2005

Find out more about World Book Day by clicking here

Wednesday 2nd March
Sandi mostly talked about things that you find in the back of your freezer, does the Queen need a reality check? Does Delia Smith need an anger check? Chewing over the advantages of cow dung medicine was Jack Klaff (pictured above) the lovely Julia Mills popped in, oh you do know her she was Rhona in 2.4 Children and is starring in Flying Under Bridges at
The Watford Palace Theatre then to round off the show that very fine actor Patrick Stewart joined Sandi, he's appearing in 'A Life In The Theatre' at The Apollo, he also amazed Sandi when he briefly mentioned he had been starring in an 'American' television programme called Stair Trek (we think?)


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