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Friday, March 04, 2005

Sandi Toksvig the last week

Sandi was mostly wearing an invisible cloak today and told us she once set fire to some condoms and burnt her hand quite badly. Stella Duffy was Sandi's guest, Stella likes nitromors, apricot jam and highlighter pens. Sandi spoke of dead lambs, National Express coaches, Pinter, Bulls and Fiji. Best selling children's author Jaqueline Wilson who wrote the delightful Clean Break dropped by.

Monday 28th February
Today Sandi mostly talked about inappropriate gifts for Mother's Day, presents from steam irons to a pair of 'Girls Aloud' concert tickets were suggested in our win a stale ham sandwich and a tea cake competition. Sandi was joined by the lovely Bonnie Langford Joe Queenan author of 'Queenan Country' and we had talented busking harpist Peter Murphy in to play, you can buy his music by clicking here

Friday 25th February
Today Sandi Toksvig a former employee of The Wandsworth Sewer mostly talked about school reports, where to get a good top hat with David Saxby (Click satorial elegance) and French tarts, both the cooking kind and the naughty uh-he-haw-he-haw-he-haw type. Alkarim Jivani former employee of 'EuroFruit Magazine' joined Sandi today along with Michael Keegan Dolan, whose mum wanted him to be a lawyer - and his controversial production of Giselle finally Arthur Smith, former road sweeper, who is appearing at The Hackney Empire this weekend. And to round things off we sent Giles Mason off to find a three drawer bedside cabinet in Ikea - he's still looking.

Thursday 24th February
Today Sandi mostly read from the Bible, she was alarmed to read that Leviticus 19 verse 19 states that you shouldn't wear two different types of thread together. She worried that Vicars who wear polyester wool mix shirts might be stonned by their congregation. The serious side of this conversation was - should we always accept literal truth? To discuss this and a tourists guide to Bratislava was Jack Klaff. Journalist George Monbiot spoke about some sneaky changes to the new crime bill and Sandi rounded off the show with sex when she spoke to Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy about his new book Kinsey about 'Kinsey' the man who allowed us to talk about sex.

Wednesday 23rd February
Today Sandi mostly read from The Rutland and Stamford Mercury Sandi was joined by Annie Caulfield who spoke, with some authority on Albania. Sandi admitted that she considered herself the dullest woman in the twilight world of showbusiness. Our competition today was to win some of Producer Tim Allen's soiled clothing, Tom in Winchester won with 500 tins of World War Two hair wax (see below) John Sergeant dropped by to describe Magaret Thatcher as 'like a bus radio - she could transmit but couldn't receive. Historian Mary Beard talked about 'The Colosseum' and a rather unpleasant act between a Christian woman and a bull.

This is the EMail which won Tim's soiled clothing on Wednesday:

Dear Sandi,
In the Hamsphire Chronicle there was a news story about a farmer who had found some treasure burried in a field. Upon having a discussion about what to do with the loot, a huge argument ensued in the town hall, which was reported by the paper. And what was the treasure? 500 tins of World War 2 hair wax! It had been burried by a black marketeer! Tom (Winchester)


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