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Monday, April 18, 2005

Sandi (Bonnie) last week

Friday 15th April
Bonnie today was mostly eating jelly babies, Alakarim Jivani spoke of food you can't live without, the London Marathon and marmite. Author Nick Middleton spoke of his intrepid journeys around the world and Roland Muldoon from the
Hackney Empire spoke of the theatre's comedy season.
Extremes Along The Silk Road by Nick Middleton is published by John Murray.

Thursday 14th April
Bonnie Langford (The best bum since Kylie Minogue) was joined today by Cello comedian Rebeca Carrington. On the menu, ugly kids alarm clocks and The Titanic and that iceberg. Author of 'Salaam Brick Lane' Tarquin Hall and author of 'With Billie' Julia Blackburn talked respectively of life in the east end of London and one of the finest singing voices of all time - Billie Holiday.
You can buy Rebecca Carrington's c.d. from
dress circle, Salaam Brick Lane is published by John Murray and With Billie by Jonathan Cape

Wednesday 13th April
Bonnie discovered today that dancing can cause fornication, according the Reverend Ian Paisley. Hattie Heyridge and Annie Caulfield joined Bonnie and talked of naked dog bridesmaids, strange places to live, comfort food and bad toupee hair. Smokey voiced Elkie Brooks dropped by, her new album is called 'Electric Lady' and American author Jeanette Walls told her poignant story which you can read in 'Glass Castle' published by Virago.

Tuesday 12th April
Bonnie Langford in for Sandi with the lovely Jack Klaff spoke of squirrels, bad habits, and squashing cane toads. Kulvinder Ghir and Michael Ward from the new musical at The Shaftesbury - 'The Far Pavillions' dropped by and Bonnie made an effort to break routine after she discovered that Charlie Chaplin on the way out of his dressing room grabbed a cane and a bowler hat, by way of a change, to use in a film - and the character of the little tramp was born.

Monday 11th April
Sandi was away which meant Bonnie Langford came to play, mostly with Lego but that's another story. Shyama Perera was here and Bonnie talked of Hadrian's Wall the first television programmes and TV shows featuring animals with Lyndal Davies from Discovery Animal Planet. There was a musical trip around London with Louis and Susan Foreman authors of 'London a Musical Gazetteer' published by Yale.
Each day this week there's a chance to win a trip to Thailand and everyday a wide screen TV listen for more details.
Here's a rather dodgy Campen players sketch
Listen Now for you to hear, it's all about a German Hotel - bad taste? EMail


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