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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sandi the last two weeks

Friday 8th April
Crickey what a show filled with verbal lumber. Sandi was mostly talking about stuff, including, Hitler's choice in music, alphabetti spaghetti, coruption in politics in all its hues and the fact that she has been banned from Weymouth after writing something rude on their town sign. All this and Alkarim ' Time Out' Jivani, Peter 'I gave the world Big Brother' Bazalgette and Henry 'I wrote a book about Dr Johnson' Hitchings. Dr Johnson's Dictionary: The Extraordinary Story of the Book That Defined the World, by Henry Hitching pub: John Murray and Billion Dollar Game by Peter Bazalgette published by Time Warner.

Thursday 7th April - Listen To Bonnie Langford ride Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris
Today Sandi broadcast the whole show live from
Disneyland Resort Paris after a few technical problems Sandie's guest Bonnie Langford got to ride on the new Space Mountain ride, it was worth the wait though to hear Bonnie scream as she was shot out of a canon into outer space. Sandi took us on a journey through the wonderful world of Walt Disney, the writers, the music and of course the animation. Hear highlights of this special show this Saturday from 1.00pm.

Wednesday 6th April
Sandi was mostly talking about Royal Soap Opera's today and the fact she used to crucify Jesus every night (In A Musical by Mr Lloyd Webber) Annie Caulfied and Barbara Nice (Janice Connoly) dropped by, along with author Christopher Winn who's written a spiffing book about England called 'I Never Knew That About England' published by Ebury Press.

Tuesday 5th April
Cor blimey wot a knees up of a show today, Sandi ad that Gilda O'Neill in the back of her studio along with fellow authors Jeremy Gavron and Julia Briggs. Sandi dissolved Parliament with Cillit Bang, composed poetry in praise of the Celandine, built an ark, visited a creationist museum and discovered the secret life of Virginia Woolf
Author details:
Gilda O'Neill has written 'Of Woman Born' published by Arrow books.
Jeremy Gavron is author of 'An Acre of Barren Ground' published by Scribner
Julia Briggs is author of 'Virginia Woolf - An Inner Life' published by Allen Lane

Monday 4th April
Today Sandi was mostly worried about getting Creosote off of her hand (she'd just shaken hands with Robert Kilroy-Silk) Also why the diaries of Pepys, Hans Christian Anderson, Joe Orton and Kenneth Williams all had records of how many times they had self-abused? Sandi also spoke of Pope Joan, who pretended to be a man and became Pope, unfortunately she gave birth during a Papal procession and her disguise was compromised. In amongst this madness was Stella Duffy and author of 'Tales of the Country' Brian Viner. (Simon and Schuster) oh and
The Pudding Club of Great Britain and The Bakewell Pudding Shop.

Friday 1st April - April Fools Day
Today Sandi was mostly in Denmark so Bonnie Langford hosted the show. Bonnie took us on a historical journey which included how many fingers Ann Boleyn had, dishwashers, friends re-united (see cartoon above) penguins and bad nursery rhymes all with the lovely Alkarim Jivani. Plucked from obscurity today was Mark Tintner our theatre critic and resting actor.

Thursday 31st March -
Listen to Sandi saying 'Start your day with cranberry juice and you wont end it with yoghurt.'
Today Sandi was mostly playing fantasy army. The Dane Law army v The Tartan Army represented by Ayisha Hazarika. Also on the show today: copulating yeast, exploding haggis, spitting at the top of Notre Damme Cathedral, moisture and gusset oh and the very very small town of Wabush in Indiana and the very very lovely Linda Bellingham who's appearing at The Trafalgar Theatre (The Old Whitehall) in Losing Louis. For tickets
click here

Wednesday 30th March
Today in a stuffed show Sandi was mostly folding paper when she tried out
Origami on the radio, also on the today's prog, Queen Victoria's toilet paper incident, taxidermy and road kill, Bakewell Tarts also a tribute to The National Geographic Magazine all in the company of Annie Caulfield and author of 'The Understudy' David Nicholls and cartoonist Woodrow Phoenix.

Tuesday 29th March
Today Sandi was talking World news, Politics, History, Health and the Shetland Olympics. A very serious start to the week! She was joined throughout the show by Shyama Perera and together they also discussed driving over the age of 70, Hog Farming, Porridge and the World Coal Championships. Not so serious (few!)!!! And, as today is also the anniversary of the opening of
The Royal Albert Hall, Sandi was also joined on the phone by Heather Walker (Deputy Cheif Executive and Director of Programming) to learn a bit more about it's past.


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