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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sandi last week

Friday 27th May
Jenny arrived promptly at 12 o'clock for today's show. She talked Big Brother and Kath and Kim with Alkarim Jivani, as well as discussing men in boxes and women in prairie skirts. The exquisite David Bedella, star of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch, dropped by, and plucked from obscurity was Jenny Walters.
Thursday 26th May
Today Jenny was minding her p's and q's as she was joined by Simon Fanshawe, author of
The Done Thing. They talked manners, nudist beaches and about how Jenny was once a life model because she was too bone idle to do any proper work. Sarah Parker from Hampton Court popped by to discuss their new exhibition about Suffragettes, Soldiers and Servants.
Wednesday 25th May
On Jenny today:"Jeremy Paxman could walk under a table with a top hat on" "Never double dip your crudities, it's disgusting" and Jenny stopped doing stand up in pubs after she once burnt her arse on a deep fat fryer in her 'so called' dressing room. Annie Caulfield guested and spoke of a sexual fantasy she has involving waders and a naked fly fisherman. (see above) Oh and Harry Gostelow who's in 'Pericles' at
The Globe came by to say Hi.
Tuesday 24th May
On Jenny today: "I'm ashamed that my teenage daughter isn't pregnant, but she might be a perfect match for a kidney."and "My sister wanted to play the guitar but suffered with warts on her hands."Guest Jack Klaff spoke of an intimate lunch he had with the Chairman of Marks and Spencer and Jenny says she will do charitable work as long as it doesn't involve donkeys. Canadian radio show host Stuart McClean popped in to plug his new book 'Home from the vinyl cafe' (Granta) Somehow the subject of Priscilla Presley's plastic surgery also permeated the conversation.
Monday 23rd May
Today with Jenny Eclair, Bonnie Langford and author of 'Sleeping Partners' (Hodder) Lou Wakefield. Jenny shared her experiences of staying in a Travelodge and Bonnie her experience as a Dr Who companion.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sandi week ending Friday 13th May

Friday 20th May
Today Sandi was messin' about on the river with Alkarim Jivani and author of
'Deep Jungle' Fred Pearce. (Eden Books.) Arlene Klotzko author of 'A Clone Of Your Own' (OUP) with her views on the ethics of cloning and caveman supermarket trolley art with Lucy Coward. Plucked from obscurity today was Glynne Steele from the popular beat combo - 'Piefinger'

Thursday 19th May
Sandi was musing today on whether Queen Victoria spoke with a German accent, Jack Klaff was in, he can speak in any accent, cos he's a very talented actor, as is John Gordon Sinclair, who is appearing in The Producers at Dury Lane and Tameka Empson who's in The Big Life at The Apollo. One of the richest women in the world Sigrid Rausing from
Amnesty International spoke to Sandi about the extraordinary work of Amnesty.
Wednesday 18th May
A china croissant that looks like a dog turd and a clog with a thermometer in it. Two items discussed by Sandi and Annie Caulfield today. Lynne Cox the champion swimmer with her book 'Swimming To Antartica' Pub by Weidenfield and Nicolson. A Shakespeare fest with Ben Crystal author of 'The Shakespeare Miscellany, Pub by Penguin and Edward Hogg who's appearing in The Tempest at
The Globe and let's not forget Lucy Coward starring in Twelfth Night at The Barn Theatre in Oxted
Tuesday 17th May
Today Sandi was mostly discussing why some policemen where white gloves, a lovely EMail from the World Tongue lifting champion and her mini, mini break at County Hall. Ayesha Hazareka played side kick,
Brotherhood of Man played Save All Your Kisses For Me and comedian Inder Manocha played footsie with Ayesha. Darwin and evolution filled the little bit at the end of the show.
Monday 16th May
Today Sandi was mostly having a rant..........................about anything and everything really! Along with Bonnie Langford, she started with the Royal Family, had a rant about the Government, and then had a go at the Tabloid Talkers who are broadcasting stories without research to back them up! Must have been the Monday Blues! She did however later go on to discuss tongues, and National Smile Week, Spellings and bizzare locations for a Wedding. Sandi was later joined in the studio by author John O'Farrell, whose book 'May Contain Nuts' is out now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sandi last few weeks

Friday 13th May
Trying to dispell all superstition, Sandi was today joined by Alkarim Jivani. They talked Fish in ice-cubes, and updated us on the latest 'jesus News' for this week. They also chatted about Mr Blair, accents and being British. They were later joined in the studio by husband and wife GP's Simon and Louise Read, who have just wriiten a book about London's green areas ('The Best of London Parks and Small Green Spaces'), and then by Chris Spring of the British Musuem. He was there to help build Sandi's confidence about a Mask she once bought (see below and see what you think!). I'm sure it was watching us! Plucked from obscurity today was actress karina Cornell. Remember, we found her first!
Thursday 12th May
On today's show, Sandi was distributing the best advice on how to deal with irritating Telesales people. Why not tell the operator exactly how you are when they ask?! She was joined throughout the show by Columnist Carol Sarler. Together they discussed more 'Jesus Stories', Donkey Rights, Happy Slapping and Spying. They were later joined by Sarah Wise, author of 'The Italian Boy' and Louise Dean, author of 'The Human Season'. The lovely Lucy Coward also made an appearance and tried to persaude Carol into appreciating Modern Art! Apparently paintings created by a chimp are up for auction this week!
Wednesday 11th May
Sandi was joined for today's show of fun and laughter by the lovely Annie Caulfield. They discussed changing your name, recited the worst of the 'why did the chiken' jokes, talked about smells, ate Elk Sticks and tried piecing together the history of a 2,000 year old shoe found in a tree. They also chatted about the latest goings on in Georgia, and were later joined by Andrew Clover, currently starring at the
Soho Theatre.
Tuesday 10th May
Today Sandi, along with Hilary O'Neil, was dressed completely wrong for the occassion. But, that's another story. They today discussed Cheating, the difference between fact and fiction, the current Police State, and that which solves all our troubles...............a cup of Tea!! Sandi was also joined by Yodeller
Wayne Horsburgh, and David Matthews, author of 'Man buys Dog'.
Monday 9th May
Sandi was back in the Chair today and joined a poorly Bonnie Langford. They talked Censorship, Celebrity shoplifting, Manners for Bush and Putin, and Lame Ducks! She was joined on the line by Mike Tate to discuss Jersey Liberation Day, and was later joined in the studio by Janet Lee Carey, author of Wenny Has Wings.

Friday 6th May
Jenny Eclair in for Sandi with Alkarim Jivani, Stuart McGugan who starring in
The Cosmonaut's Last Message at The Donmar Wharehouse. Jenny also spoke to William Naylor Executive Producer on a new TV series 'Soul Deep'

Thursday 5th May
Jenny Eclair for Sandi, Jack Klaff himself and Imodesty Blaize and 'Walter' alter egos. You can see Imodesty and Blaize at
The Arts Theatre Jack spoke about the work of Paul Klee click here (Type Paul Klee in search) to see some of his work, Jack's also appearing at The New End Theatre
Wednesday 4th May
A nifty fifties kind of show, Sandi celebrated the anniversary of the
Festival of Britain a post war exhibition that look forward to a new future for Britain. Anni Caulfield and Nick Hornby (author of A Long Way Down, pub by Penguin) spoke of hair, taking the blame and Lapland. To round off the show Sandi gave away a singing lobster.
Visit the virtual
Festival of Britain, click here and then click exhibitions, scroll down to web exhibitions and Festival Of Britain
Tuesday 3rd May
Today Sandi was mostly having a birthday so Jenny Eclair whose new book Rula Lenska's dentist loved, was in with the lovely Hilary O'Neil who is currently starring in Acorn Antiques at The Theatre Royal Haymarket. Mark Adams who plays Dean Martin in The Rat Pack at The Strand.
Monday 2nd May
Today Sandi and her team turned up for work despite it being a Bank Holiday. Well, we don't work in a Bank do we?! Sandi was joined in the studio by Jack Klaff to help ease her through the next few hours.........and assist with a most unexpectant guest. Sandi was left, quite literally holding the baby when guest Janie Dee had to run home to collect something she'd left behind................leaving Sandi to babysit! 7 month old Alfie provided great entertainment! Luckily Janie returned to tell us of her upcoming show at the
Shaw Theatre. Sandi later went on to discuss the End of the World, naming her new Tree House, the power of digestion and Life in the Bus Lane. She was also joined by actor Lennie James, currently starring in 'Raisin in the Sun' at the Hackney Empire.

Monday show and the return of Mrs Wing.
Thursday 28th April
On today's show Sandi, who once brushed past Jordan's breasts, was having a rummage in the cupboard and found super noodles, chocolate chilli a Barbara Cartland CD and a very small oil can. Zoe Williams, who ate most of the chocolate chilli, spoke of aphrodisiacs, tattoo's and the Titicata juicing frog. Jo Caulfield from
Funny Women warned that you should never invite comics around to dinner - it's just not funny.
Wednesday 27th April
On today's show Sandi was playing ping pong with one of Nick Ferrari's balls, Hattie Hayridge and Sandi mused over cultural differences, the number five, sleep, weird things you could put in an aircraft including a swimming pool, but you'd have to remember the deep end would change on take off and landing. Author Andrew Smith (Moondust pub Bloomsbury) talked about men on the moon and weightless golf tips. Comedian Reginald D Hunter strode by shamelessly plugging his one man act at The Venue in Leicester Square.
Tuesday 26th April
On today's slightly above average show Cindy Toepik was making mistakes with Annie Caulfield, who has always wanted to stick the little suns on a weather map. Soul legend Anne Peebles and comedian Steve Furst dropped by. Sandi demonstrated weather forecasting using coffee and Annie had delicious recipe for medieval pottage, yum yum.
Monday 25th April
Today Sandi was mostly talking about the history of socks, exploding German toads the virtual iron curtain and Highwaywomen.
Bonnie, I can scream in the key of F, Langford was Sandi's guest, along with Alan Macfarlane the author of 'Letters To Lily' Published by Profile, click here, to visit Alan's site.