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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sandi last week

Friday 27th May
Jenny arrived promptly at 12 o'clock for today's show. She talked Big Brother and Kath and Kim with Alkarim Jivani, as well as discussing men in boxes and women in prairie skirts. The exquisite David Bedella, star of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch, dropped by, and plucked from obscurity was Jenny Walters.
Thursday 26th May
Today Jenny was minding her p's and q's as she was joined by Simon Fanshawe, author of
The Done Thing. They talked manners, nudist beaches and about how Jenny was once a life model because she was too bone idle to do any proper work. Sarah Parker from Hampton Court popped by to discuss their new exhibition about Suffragettes, Soldiers and Servants.
Wednesday 25th May
On Jenny today:"Jeremy Paxman could walk under a table with a top hat on" "Never double dip your crudities, it's disgusting" and Jenny stopped doing stand up in pubs after she once burnt her arse on a deep fat fryer in her 'so called' dressing room. Annie Caulfield guested and spoke of a sexual fantasy she has involving waders and a naked fly fisherman. (see above) Oh and Harry Gostelow who's in 'Pericles' at
The Globe came by to say Hi.
Tuesday 24th May
On Jenny today: "I'm ashamed that my teenage daughter isn't pregnant, but she might be a perfect match for a kidney."and "My sister wanted to play the guitar but suffered with warts on her hands."Guest Jack Klaff spoke of an intimate lunch he had with the Chairman of Marks and Spencer and Jenny says she will do charitable work as long as it doesn't involve donkeys. Canadian radio show host Stuart McClean popped in to plug his new book 'Home from the vinyl cafe' (Granta) Somehow the subject of Priscilla Presley's plastic surgery also permeated the conversation.
Monday 23rd May
Today with Jenny Eclair, Bonnie Langford and author of 'Sleeping Partners' (Hodder) Lou Wakefield. Jenny shared her experiences of staying in a Travelodge and Bonnie her experience as a Dr Who companion.


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