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Monday, June 13, 2005

Sandi last couple of weeks

Friday 10th June
In today's packed show Sandi and Alkarim Jivani went all regal, discussing Prince Philip's link to the Greeks, Bad King Wenceslaus (see below) and a direct descendent of Charles II,
Charles Beauclerk, came along to talk about his new book about Nell Gwyn. Reggie Nadelson dropped by to plug her new book Red Hook, as did comedian Patton Oswalt who is appearing at the Soho Theatre. And finally Fiona Knight was plucked from obscurity.
Thursday 9th June
With news headlines from this weeks Beano Comic, Sandi was mostly lamenting the departure of Reuters from the street of shame, leaving just the publishers of The Beano as the last of the press in Fleet Street.
Stella Duffy was plugging Kumera at Sainsbury's (It's a kind of Kiwi sweet potato). Charlotte Emmerson was plugging the fact she gets to snog Val Kilmer in The Postman Always Rings Twice at The Playhouse. Jeremy Butterfield was plugging the new Collins dictionary and Lucinda Hawksley was plugging her book The Tragedy of a Pre-Raphaelite Model the story of Lizzie Siddal. What a bunch of pluggers!
Also on the menu - Michelangelo's 'cartoons' pithy sayings, and cheese.
Tomasso e Geraldo have nothing whatsoever to do with the cartoon series 'Tom and Jerry' which of course is a Copyright Trademark of Turner Entertainment INC
Wednesday 8th June
Was Lassie a lassie or a laddie? Today Sandi and Annie Caulfield went on a wide world web tour, celebrating the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee the man who invented the WWW. Women and the invention of the automatic washing machine. (see cartoon below) Author Peter Watson who's book 'Ideas' (W&N) charts human ideas from fire to the web. Annie also plugged her book Irish Heart, English Blood, Ulster Fry (Viking)
Some favourite websites:
The Robert Opie Collection - nostalgia you can buy today
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers CLICK HERE
Up Your Street things you will find up your street CLICK HERE
Tuesday 7th June.
On the menu, useful foreign phrases, inspirational women, Twinning towns, Welsh news, being bullied and unfortunate deaths. Hilary O'Neil was the guest and Morgan Spurlock author of 'Supersize Me' and 'Don't Eat This Book' (Penguin) and Andrew Eames 'Agatha Christie - the 8.55 to Baghdad' (Corgi)
CLICK HERE to find out more about Morgan Spurlock and Supersize Me

Monday 6th June
Today Sandi played Guess the Guest? and punch ups at operas. Bonnie Langford played side-kick, Author Victor Chan (The Wisdom of Forgiveness, intimate conversations and journeys with the Dalai Lama, pub by Hodder Mobius) Author Chris Ayres (War Reporting for Cowards pub John Murray) and Lisa Jardine from the
Orange Book Prize and finally Tanita Tikaram who's new single Don't Let The Cold is out this week.
Friday 3rd June
Today Woolly Liberal Sandi revealed herself as Deep Throat in Ethelgate. She admitted that somebody else signed her autograph on the children's show No 73. Alkarim Jivani revealed that he likes playing obscure computer games. Sandi spoke of
hobbies, running away and the amazing Francis Frith site, where you can type in your town or area and see old photographs of the place.
Thursday 2nd June
Today, premature death, Postman Pat in Spanish, Tooth related news, the secret to a long and happy marriage and the moving tale of a mother who lost her son but gained a message of hope. (Glenys Carl is the author of Hold My Hand, Published by Sidwick and Jackson) If you'd like to find out more about National Volunteers Week
Tuesday 1st June
Today Sandi was joined by Annie Caulfield and author Mike Walker (A Long Way Home, the story of Mary Bryant, pub Wiley)
Tuesday 31st May
Today Sandi revealed that she chose her daughters school on the uniform colour. Guest Mark Curry revealed that he hated the Blue Peter cats. Author Nigel Farndale (Haw Haw - pub Macmillan) revealed that Nazi wartime broadcaster William Joyce was hanged for treason depite being an American/Irish/German. Mark Curry also plugged his new dating agency 'It Takes 2'


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