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Friday, July 08, 2005

Beautiful Places In London EMails

My favourite area of London has to be Kenwood and the heath in
Hampstead. It is a beautiful area to walk around; there is Kenwood
House to visit and tea and a tasty cake in the cafe. Wonderful!

Bronya Phillip

one of my favorite views in london is from springfield
park looking out over the river lea towards
walthamstow and from aley paly across the whole of
london Howard from Hackney

Thank you for doing this today. I love taking my children to the Thames Barrier Park, opened in 2000 on the North side of the Thames beside the Thames Barrier, it is a stunning contemporary landscape where the children can almost touch the planes taking off from city airport, watch the Thames traffic go by, and run freely through fountains to cool off on a hot day. This area was one of the worst hit during the Blitz and has now found new life. the dry dock has been filled with undulating hedges, basking in lavender and other floral delights. It is the most perfect urban retreat.

PS. You can get there on the fantastic Woolwich Ferry, a free service unknown to many Londoners

Best regards

Cathy in Charlton


A bike ride from lambeth Palace all the way towards St Katherine's dock at
dawn and dusk passing all the landmarks such as westminster palace, south bank,
Tate Modern, the globe, etc., etc.

Plenty of London square's, especially finding one unexpectedly.



Try the view from the restaurant in the National Portrait Gallery, you
look out onto Trafalgar Square and can almost look Nelson in the eye.

Anita, Teddington

hi Sandi,

we know you have already said Greenwich park, but if you sit at the highest point, the view is spectacular and definalty worth a visit.

Leadnal Market is such a pretty parade of shops, especially at Christmas, as they put up a HUGE christmas tree and the whole market is covered with pretty little twinkling lights.

Thats one of my best views of london.

Thanks, Natasha

Last week, I made arrangements to meet my sister, who lives in the Midlands,
in London on the 14th.
The main reason for visit is to see her son (recently passed out as an Irish
guard) on duty at the Tower of London.
I called her last night, expecting her to cancel but, to her credit, she's
not deterred in the slightest - despite not being very well travelled and
never having been to London before. If she isn't put off, then the people
who live and work in London on a daily basis will simply brush the incident
aside like an annoying insect.

Hold you heads up high, London.

Bob, in Crawley


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