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Monday, July 04, 2005

Friday 1st July - Jenny Eclair in for Sandi today. Sandi's busy plugging her book 'Hitlers Canary' (Doubleday)
TOPICS: Nudity and Big Brother, Nationality, Dressing Rooms, and a bunch of other stuff.
Jenny was joined by Alkarim Jivani, Ekow Eshun author of 'Black Gold In The Sun' (Penguin) and Jenna Russel who's starring in Guys and Dolls - Piccadily Theatre.
Thursday 30th June
Today Sandi was joined by Shyama Perera, they talked phone etiquette, how to get served in a pub and we discovered Nanny Town. Peter Gabriel was on the phone talking about
Live 8 Africa Calling. Tony Gilland from the Institute of Ideas popped by, as well as Ed Glinert, author of East End Chronicles.
Wednesday 29th June - Goodbye and thanks for all the lamprey's - Sandi
TOPICS: Death, dying, last words, funerals heavenly words and re-incarnation.
Annie Caulfield was chief pole bearer. Author Peter Rodgers came in to talk about the state of Israel. His book is titled 'Herzl's Nightmare' published by Constable.
Tuesday 28th June - I put my staff pass in my George Formby Grill by mistake - Ayesha Hazareka.
TOPICS TODAY: Wimbledon, market research, indispensable gadgets, finger nail biting, ID Cards and race.
Angie Greaves in for Sandi today. Lisa Appignanesi spoke about the life of Simone de Beauvoir. (Pub Haus) John Burnett told the story of war, anarchy and the life of a relief worker in war torn Somalia. Where Soldiers Fear To tread. (Heinemann)
Monday 27th June - God hates figs - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Podcasting, figs (
CLICK HERE for why God hates figs) Sacrificing puppies, Mormon's and ferret walking. Can you lick your elbow with your tongue?
Bonnie Langford breezed in, author of the fascinating 'Pompeii The Living City' (Weidenfeld and Nicolson) Ray Lawrence was here.
For 'I Want To Wash My Hands' and other daft hygiene songs
Friday 24th June - 'I crucified Jesus every night' Sandi (Follow Spot Operator for Jesus Christ Superstar)
TOPICS TODAY: Annoying colleagues, Scrapbooks, Cheesecake and Scientology.
Alkarim Jivani was charming, Leslie Woodhead was enthralling, he's author of 'My Life as A Spy' (MacMillan).
REVENGE: A work colleague annoys you, secretly borrow their umbrella and the office hole punch machine. OR when they are away, change their computer font to white.
Alkarim's pussy website
Thursday 23rd June - 'I'm going to open a refuge for battered cod' - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Survival of the cutest - bugs why we hate em', love em.' Getting cross and why the Americans love us Brits.
Hilary O'Neil propped up the bar while author Harriet Swain had under her arm a copy of 'Big Questions In History' (Pub: Jonathan Cape)
Wednesday 22nd June. - 'Keep writing like a fiend' - Sandi's English teacher at school, Mr Sherman.
TOPICS TODAY Buses again, Michael Jackson Toast, how to play Sudoku.
Annie Caulfield sat in the corner and Carol Vordeman dropped by, in her hand 'How To Sudoku' (Ebury Press) Linda Robson also here, she's in 'Telstar' at The New Ambassador's Theatre - it's the story of Joe Meek the guy who brought us The Tornado's.
Tuesday 21st June - 'If they had tap dancing on BBC Question Time it would be more fun' - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Waiting for a bus, (see below) democracy and the future of Israel, potatoes and pigeons.
Maria McErlane and Dilly Keane popped in to give there four penny-worth. Ruth Padel author of 'Tigers In Red' (Little Brown) with her extraordinary story about her trip to India.
Monday 20th June - 'Why does it rain cats and dogs?' - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: How to love thy neighbour, admonishing children and bravery.
Today's wet and windy show Bonnie Langford and James Lovell, the history of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Ben de Wynter from the
Union Theatre with their Pint Size Theatre productions. Sorry about the quality of the cartoon today, I asked Santa for Photoshop but he told me to use Microsoft PhotoEditor


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