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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sandi Toksvig last week

Wednesday 13th July - 'I once mimed a sink plunger in a Spanish hardware shop, they were very alarmed' -Annie
TOPICS: Aha pirates aha, aha, old prostitutes, prunes, a naked woman on horseback at The Hackney Empire.
Annie Caulfield played second fiddle, Sandi with a patch on one eye simultaneously celebrated Trafalgar Square and the history of pirates. What should we put on the 4th plinth? See the Surreal McCoy below.
Tuesday 12th July - 'You're never really naked if you're wearing fake tan.' Jenny
Jenny Eclair in for Sandi with Hilary O'Neil.
TOPICS: Household cleaners and QVC, Prymark underpants, Poncho's fashionable for fifteen minutes.
Guests today from The Imperial War Museum, Hugh - who suffered at the hands of the Japanese during the second world war and Jenny Wood curator of an exhibition 'Captive' contrasting the harrowing art drawn by British prisoners of war and the official commissioned art. To find out more
CLICK HERE click the London Site and 'Captive'
Monday 11th July - 'Muffs don't normally come in pairs - unless you're lucky.' -Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Ballet, wannabe stars, the history of liquorice, secular fame and Coca Cola.
Bonnie Langford breezed in and Jane Hackett the Director of Ballet Central.
CLICK HERE to find out more about the Central Ballet.
Sherlock Holmes, Sandi celebrated the life of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and invited you to write a limerick:
Hi Sandi,Thought this up in the car - Said Holmes in the Great Grimping Mire,That barking is causing me ire,It's not Baskervilles hound, that's running around,It's the dachshund of Mrs McGuireLove,Mike
Sandi,have a butchers at this"I’ll be having none if this slouching & shirking"said Holmes to Watson ‘you’re supposed to be working’we haven’t much time, to solve this crime,I’m off to boil wash my Merkin.Thanks Ian

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