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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sandi Toksvig Last Week

Friday 22nd July
Topics: Things that we know to be true, minor triumphs, Einstein and how the show must go on.
Jack Klaff shared his wisdom with Sandi for the show, Rosie Ashe, who is appearing in Cabaret at the Prince of Wales Theatre, came by, as well as Richard Belfield, author of
Terminate with Extreme Prejudice. James Graham, author of the play Albert's Boy at the Finborough Theatre was Lucy's guest. Elizabeth reviewed The Arab-Israeli Cook Book at the Tricycle Theatre.
Thursday 21st July
TOPICS: How to write a book, Zimbabwe, mobile phones and curfews.
Kate Mosse was Sandi's guest today, and talked about her new book Labyrinth.
Wednesday 20th July
TOPICS: Weird cults, strange house, Norwich and famous women on horses.
Sandi was joined by the cave dwelling Annie Caulfield, and burlesque equine stripper
Lilly White (see picture below) rode by to bring us news of the Whoopee Club's upcoming event at the Hackney Empire.
Tuesday 19th July - 'I once got my bottom read by Sylvester Stallone's mother' - Shyama
TOPICS: The slow boat to china, yngling, swan upping, books and buying an acre on the moon.
Shyama Perera told Sandi about how she emailed a photo of her bottom to Sylvester Stallone's rumpologist mother and David Anderson from the V&A dropped by to discuss their new virtual museum called
Every Object Tells a Story.
Some of your suggestions for Sandi's own virtual museum:
Nunzilla, a clockwork plastic nun in a black/white habit that spits sparks as it walks along. Carol.
A plastic Jesus with a changing colour fibre-optic backdrop, with suckers so it can attach to the window. Simon in Wimbledon.
Might I be so bold as to suggest a portrait of a certain Dutch monarch for the box? No names mentioned but the one in the pretty hats. Beatrix in The Netherlands.
A knitted loo roll holder in the shape of a crinoline wearing doll, in shocking pink - has to be in the museum, which currently lives in her parent's loo. Jan on the A12.
Monday 18th July - 'Apparently about 20% of all adults living in the US have at some point had a cockroach living in their inner ear canal.' - Sandi
TOPICS: Eccentrics, white lies, the rapping baggage handler and the Cockroach Museum in Plano, Texas.
Sandi was joined by Bonnie Langford and Ben Douglas from
Fusion Academy came in to talk about their summer dance workshops.
Sandi asked listeners for suggestions for a new coat of arms, below is a suggestion by Robert from Croydon. Email with your designs.

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