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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sandi Last Week

Friday 26th August - The part of Sandi Toksvig will be played by Wendy Lloyd.

Thursday 25th August - 'There's nothing like a twinkle in a monkfish's eye' - Sandi on fancying fish.

TOPICS TODAY: Confidence, struggle, extreme sports and the Serbian superman.

Ian Stone was in the listening corner today, out in the playground 'The Mighty Boosh' (catch their TV show on BBC 3) the fascinating John Gribbin (author of 'The Fellowship' pub: Penguin)

Wednesday 24th August - 'Never eat skate' Sandi (Find out why by downloading todays Podcast)

TOPICS TODAY: Freak shows, gloves, recipe's for Canada geese and cremation.

Penny Haslam was Mork to Sandi's Mindy, Simon Callow popped by, he's in Woman In White at The Palace, then Giles Coren who's written 'Winkler' (Jonathan Cape) and Penny's mum. Sandi told us how a drunken Jesus fell off the cross, whilst she was working for the musical 'Superstar' and wondered if Paul Daniels is a name to conjure with.

Tuesday 23rd August - 'Women with large breasts smother me easily' - Sandi

TOPICS TODAY: Rent boys, sex appeal, scandal, inflatable stockings and Mormons.

Danny Wallace was Sandi's little helper, the author George Elliot Clarke revealed some dark secrets from his family's history and Sandi spent a lot of the show trying to hire an electric screwdriver. George's book is called 'George and Rue' (Random House)

Danny Wallace is starting his own country, to find out more click on his mug shot

Monday 22nd August - 'Old ladies shouldn't go comando' Sandi

TOPICS TODAY: The perefect crime, fashion faux pas, Princess Margaret - was she a bit of a slapper?

Bonnie Langford was Sandi's little bit on the side and Bonnie's chum Gary Wilmot popped by. He's in HMS Pinafore at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre. Graham Simmonds from Trees for Cities spoke about how important trees are in an urban environment and a great way to prevent global warming. (see below)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sandi last week

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th - Sandi's popped off to Scotland and will be back on Monday - Angie Greaves will be filling the void.

Wednesday 17th August - 'Don't mess with me, I'm middle class.' - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Holes, great film blunders, Star Trek as a religion and fags.
Annie Caulfield and Penny Haslem were the good little girls, Sandi mentioned she'd never had a burning bush - that's why she's not very religious and the author Adam Williams talked of China (the country not the plates) (his book The Emperors Bones is published by Hodder)

Tuesday 16th August - 'I'm not sure I'd want to wee in to my laptop' - Sandi (On a new breakthrough in battery technology powered by urine)
TOPICS TODAY: Great hoaxes, Elvis, saying sorry, murder and there's nowt as queer as folk.
Hilary O'Neil breezed in, Emma de Souza talked about great things to do with kids in the theatre.
CLICK HERE for more. Julie Peakman revealed the dark secrets of Emma Hamilton - Lord Nelson's bit on the side. You can listen to Julie dishing the dirt on Lord Nelson on tomorrows Podcast.
Julie's book 'Emma Hamilton' (pub Haus) is available in all good book shops and online now.

On this day in 1977 - Elvis Presley was found dead lying on the floor in his bathroom by his girlfriend Ginger Alden, he had been seated on the toilet reading The Scientific Search For Jesus. He was rushed from Graceland to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Doctors were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead (coronary arrhythmia) at 3.30pm. He was 42 years old. Thousands of mourning fans kept a vigil outside Graceland, for three days before his burial. Thousands more lined the streets of Presley's hometown on the day of his funeral.

Monday 15th August - 'He stood on stage, toying with his dirk' - Sandi's experience of the Scottish play.
TOPICS TODAY: Superstitions, protesting, secret life of birds and exploring.
Bonnie Langford had great tits, in the garden, Barbie sang a song about not being able to consummate her love with Ken. Explorer Benedict Alan discovered he's got his own TV series on UK TV Documentary every weeknight at nine and Stephen Moss author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Birds - (Christopher Helm) flew in to chat about the feathered variety of birds.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Meet The Team

Meet the team, from left to right, the lovely Bonnie Langford, Sandi Toksvig, Alkarim Jivani, Tim Allen and Adrian Mills

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sandi last few weeks

Friday 12th August - 'I've never tried it with my left hand' Alkarim Jivani (on being left handed)

TOPICS TODAY: Why has Christmas arrived today, Penguins, Jesus in pastry news and deodrant.

Alkarim Jivani was one of Sandi's little helpers, Sheila Steafel dropped by, she's appearing in Victoria Plums at The New End Theatre. The Little Earth Cafe talked about eating raw food and Cambridge Jones and Steven Mangan spoke about a new book and exhibition of portraits of RADA actors.

Find out more about the RADA portraits CLICK HERE

Find out more about the Little Earth Cafe CLICK HERE

Thursday 11th August - 'I hate water polo - you can never see the horses' Sandi

TOPICS TODAY: Nazi children authors, Ice Cream wars (see cartoon) semaphore scrabble (see below) not doing your job properly and..I can't be bothered to write anymore.

Just kidding, Ian Stone was in the upper circle, Bent Sorensen (from The Little Mermaid production at The Albert Hall) in the stalls.

DICTIONARY CORNER: Ian Stone's mission to get a word in the Oxford dictionary - and that word is

PHARKARCARHARSSEN - The feeling one gets when leaving a pub intoxicated during the day. CLICK THIS LINK for more

Wednesday 10th August - 'I've got a monkey in my handbag' - Annie Caulfield (and she did)

TOPICS TODAY: Starting a country, (Micro Nation) Thai lady boys, Egg poaching in Tristan de Kuna and wholesome Christian games.

Annie Caulfield was Sandi's right hand woman. Neil, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Innes came in and happened to mention a new DVD 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' available in all good stores now.

And now those wholesome Christian games in full:

'Credo' a lot of religious philosophers hang around in rooms, for instance is it a Jewish philospher in the library with the Torah?

'Pin the nose on the leper' very bad taste and we all disaproved of that one.

'Pass the Pharacy' you wrap a religious leader up in a lot of paper and pass them around, when the holy music stops, whoever's holding the Pharacy gets to unwrap a layer.

Tuesday 9th August - 'Don't mention the Vikings' Sandi about her Danish ancestors.

TOPICS TODAY: Death by Z bed, Edited reality, Kermit the frog at fifty and your favourite roads, things about Tuesday and Victorian London in all its stinky, rude splendour.

Jack Klaff was crouching by home base and at first base Melissa Rossi author of The Armchair Diplomat on Europe (Penguin) told Sandi about Americans attitude to foreign countries - 'where are they? and can we build a McDonalds* on them.' The delightful Liza Picard revealed the dirty truth about Victorian London and Jack Klaff spoke of his mother-in-laws chest.

*Or Burger King or a branch of Sears etc etc

Monday 8th August - 'Samantha had two Dicks together' - Sandi (Talking about the TV show Bewitched)

TOPICS TODAY: Why air stewards can't tell fish from chicken, (see cartoon) donkeys in the news, cows with cataracts.

Bonnie Langford was Sandi's star turn, there were rats with breathing problems, Sandi revealed that she stood in for Jane Fonda in a fitness video and that The Venus di Milo's ping pong career went into decline after she lost her arms.

Author Sally Gardner told the moving story of her struggle with Dyslexia. Her latest book is called 'I Coriander' (Orion)