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Monday, August 22, 2005

Sandi last week

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th - Sandi's popped off to Scotland and will be back on Monday - Angie Greaves will be filling the void.

Wednesday 17th August - 'Don't mess with me, I'm middle class.' - Sandi
TOPICS TODAY: Holes, great film blunders, Star Trek as a religion and fags.
Annie Caulfield and Penny Haslem were the good little girls, Sandi mentioned she'd never had a burning bush - that's why she's not very religious and the author Adam Williams talked of China (the country not the plates) (his book The Emperors Bones is published by Hodder)

Tuesday 16th August - 'I'm not sure I'd want to wee in to my laptop' - Sandi (On a new breakthrough in battery technology powered by urine)
TOPICS TODAY: Great hoaxes, Elvis, saying sorry, murder and there's nowt as queer as folk.
Hilary O'Neil breezed in, Emma de Souza talked about great things to do with kids in the theatre.
CLICK HERE for more. Julie Peakman revealed the dark secrets of Emma Hamilton - Lord Nelson's bit on the side. You can listen to Julie dishing the dirt on Lord Nelson on tomorrows Podcast.
Julie's book 'Emma Hamilton' (pub Haus) is available in all good book shops and online now.

On this day in 1977 - Elvis Presley was found dead lying on the floor in his bathroom by his girlfriend Ginger Alden, he had been seated on the toilet reading The Scientific Search For Jesus. He was rushed from Graceland to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Doctors were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead (coronary arrhythmia) at 3.30pm. He was 42 years old. Thousands of mourning fans kept a vigil outside Graceland, for three days before his burial. Thousands more lined the streets of Presley's hometown on the day of his funeral.

Monday 15th August - 'He stood on stage, toying with his dirk' - Sandi's experience of the Scottish play.
TOPICS TODAY: Superstitions, protesting, secret life of birds and exploring.
Bonnie Langford had great tits, in the garden, Barbie sang a song about not being able to consummate her love with Ken. Explorer Benedict Alan discovered he's got his own TV series on UK TV Documentary every weeknight at nine and Stephen Moss author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Birds - (Christopher Helm) flew in to chat about the feathered variety of birds.


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