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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sandi Last Week

Friday 2nd September - 'If it's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth then we all end up blind and toothless' Ghandi.

Belinda Lang Sandi's guest today

Alkarim Jivani played altar boy to Sandi's High Priestess the show was dedicated to Aunty Beryl and her canal festival, but Beryl prefers You And Yours on BBC Radio 4 so was not listening. Sandi spoke some more about lonley fishermen and skate and now squid. Belinda Lang popped by she's starring in 'What The Butler Saw' the Joe Orton comedy at The Criterion. Also fabulous children's author Michelle Paver spoke about her new book 'Spirit Walker' (Orion)

Want something to do on Sunday ?- pop along to The Angel Canal Festival - here's a handy link on how to get there CLICK HERE

Thursday 1st of September - 'Oh my god you have a third nipple' Sandi (after James O'Brien showed her, his third nipple)

TOPICS TODAY: Three legged pigs, headless chickens, third nipples and Picasso's work experience job.

Stella Duffy (above) was Sandi's ray of sunshine, Stella talked about her deadly dull childhood on the banks of the Waikato River in New Zealand and the Hooker Falls power station. (Yawn Yawn) Author Sean Wilsey who wrote 'Oh The Glory Of It All' (Penguin) a memoir about himself and his nutty mother.

Wednesday 31st August - 'If Karen Carpenter had shared that sandwich with Mama Cass they'd both be alive today' - Sandi

TOPICS: Sex in Leicester Square, The British way of life and the power of words.

Annie Caulfield (above) played Eva to Sandi's Hitler and author Sherril Tippins (February House - Scribner) explained why Gypsy Rose Lee ended up stripping off in front of Benjamin Britten.

Thanks for all you EMails to the show - keep them coming and thank you Doris for this one:

Sandi, All this talk of Sex - ridiculous. In my day we didn't bother with Sex. You had a Gypsy Cream and a Gracie Fields LP and made do.Please give me a shovel to dig up Mary Whitehouse - we need her more than ever!

Doris, Nuneaton


Wakey Wakey Campers it's 1965 and the Pink Coats welcome the campers.

(Channel 4 TV Tuesday 9pm)

Tuesday 20th August - 'Oh I say aren't you something to do with gravy?' A lady who lunches remark to actress Lynda Bellingham.

TOPICS TODAY: The paranormal, when animals attack, where do we belong and men and motors.

Lynda Bellingham was Sandi's cream in her coffee, Peter Lamont, author of 'The First Psychic' (Little Brown) spoke of the paranormal and Simon Rockwell, producer of the new Channel Four TV show 'Wakey Wakey Campers' showed off his award winning knobbly knees.

For more details of the Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee morning CLICK HERE

Monday 29th August - Bank Holiday -

TOPICS TODAY - Bra Wars, Peter Mandleson getting his knickers in a twist. Finding inner peace in London and how does the theme to Little House on The Prairie go?

Bonnie Langford was Sandi's chum today.


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