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Monday, September 19, 2005

Sandi last week

Friday 16th September

Sandi was joined by Alkarim Jivani. Georgina McCallister and Tamara Kendall came in to talk about the pleasure gardens at Lauderdale House and the Garden Africa charity, and Vikram Seth, author of Two Lives, popped by.

Sandi and Alkarim discussed the press, bad art, odd things for sale on the internet and converted churches.

Thursday 15th September

Jenny Eclair was in for Sandi today, and was accompanied by Ayesha Hazarika. Sue Perkins came along as well, ahead of her show at the Soho Theatre. They saluted Prince Harry, remembered 21st birthdays, discussed fur coats and tried to out do each other on who has the worst eyesight.

Wednesday 14th September

Today the part of Sandi Toksvig was played by Jenny Eclair, who was joined by Ian Stone. They discussed the Ashes celebrations, Trafalgar Square, the new M&S ads, a life in stand-up and Jordan and Peter Andre's wedding.

Victoria Thornton, founding Director of Open House, came in to talk about this weekend's events and the Director of the London Design Festival, Ben Evans, dropped by to tell us all about the festival all over London from 15th to 30th September.

Tuesday 13th September

Sandi was joined by Annie Caulfield for today's show. We were Summoned by Balls as Christopher Matthew talked golf and we learnt about Mozart's Women with Jane Glover. Sandi and Annie discussed angst, the wonder of worms (see cartoon), cowboys and the Chinese version of Ebay.

Monday 12th September

Today Sandi was accompanied by a blue y-front wearing Bonnie Langford. They discussed pen pals, Cleopatra's Needle and awards. Travis Elborough popped by to reminisce about The Bus We Loved (Granta Books) as well as Victoria Mather author of The Mid-Life Crisis (John Murray).


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