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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sandi Last Week

Friday 23rd September
Alkarim Jivani today . Write a book in 28 days, Autumn and fifty years of ITV.
Tom Freemantle author of 'The Road To Timbuktu' (Robinson) and Guy Browning author of 'Never Push When You Can Pull' (Guardian Books) were also in.
Thursday 22nd September
Maria McErlane was Sandi's guest. Stress, Honesty and pigs were on the menu as was delicious food from La Porte Des Indes and new restaurant in Marble Arch
CLICK HERE for details of this fine place to dine.
Heidi Ann Frick dropped by, she's appearing in an all female version of 'The Tempest' at the
Brockley Jack Theatre and Anna Carteret who starring in 'Nathan The Wise' at The Hampsetad Theatre
Wednesday 21st September
Annie Caulfield was Sandi's guest today. They discussed penguins and censorship, sex and the harvest moon. Try Found Magazine for all your modern day archaeology needs.
Theary Seng, author of
Daughter of the Killing Fields, came in to talk about her experiences growing up in Cambodia and Jason Trachtenburg from the indie vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players dropped by as well.
Tuesday 20th September
Today, Sandi was accompanied by Shyama Perera. After re-arranging the studio for feng shui reasons, they mused over ghettos, gossip and revenge.
Writer and actor Rick Bland came in to talk about his new play
Thick which is coming to the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon, and jazz stars Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett dropped by, who are currently doing three weeks of shows at the Pizza on the Park.
Monday 19th September
The lovely Bonnie Langford joined Sandi for today's show. They discussed face transplants, getting ready for winter, cemeteries and the moose rutting season.
Ian Harrison came in to talk about his
Book of Lasts, and Georgia Powell and Katherine Ramsay from the Daily Telegraph obituaries desk dropped in to say Chin Up, Girls!


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