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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sandi Last Week

Friday 30th September - 'If it don't look good above the settee, I'm not avin it' - Sandi on art

TOPICS: Heckling, Jack The Ripper and dropping a clanger.

Adrian Mills told the story of a large lady opera singer he once worked with, who used to like spend her time in the nude, unfortunately whilst frying an omelette the said lady, as she lent over the cooker, accidentally caught her right breast in the pan and the consequence was she had to cancel her concert.

To donate money to MacMillan nurses CLICK HERE

Francesca Annis is starring in Peter Gill's revival of John Osborne's 'Epitaph for George Dillon. CLICK HERE

Alison Moyet's new DVD is called 'One Blue Voice'

Thursday 29th September - 'Be honest with your writing, otherwise it's just a waste of typing paper' - John Simpson

TOPICS: Sandi plans a career change in the New Year, what are you doing right now? Tee-shirts.

Kate Mosse - the guest, John Simpson - the author (Days From A Different World - Macmillan) Simon Garfield - author of 'We Are At War' (Ebury Press)

Kate Mosse celebrates 10 years of the Orange Prize at the Lyric Theatre, 6.30pm Monday October 3rd. CLICK HERE for more.

'I've worked it out - I've got enough money to live in comfort for the rest of my life ... so long as I die next Thursday.' - John Simpson's dad.

Wednesday 28th September - 'I got my spectacles splattered with chicken blood' - Annie Caulfield.

TOPICS: Shagging daddy long-legs, chickens and childhood games.

Annie Caulfield was second in command, Margaret Malewski was the author of 'Gen X Pat' (Intercultural press) and Martin Gurdon wrote 'Travels with my Chicken' (New Holland)

Tuesday 27th September - 'I'm going to destroy your career' Sandi's plan to send Inder to Santa School.

TOPICS: Courage, ancestors and the search for the holy grail.

Inder Manocha was Sandi's guest, author Gideon DeFoe's book is called 'The Pirates in an adventure with whaling' and Ben Miles plays Bolingbroke in Richard The Second at The Old Vic

Monday 26th September - 'At convent school we were not allowed hairbrushes with long handles, took me years to find out why.' Sandi

TOPICS: Fat Scotsmen, the first record you ever bought and killer dolphins.

Bonnie Langford was a ray of sunshine today, Chris Roberts wrote the book 'Cross River Traffic' (Granta) and Pru Scales autobiography is published by John Murray. Sue Scott-Davison's play 'Life Blood' is on at The Riverside


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