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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sandi Last couple of weeks, sorry its all squashed

Wednesday 16th November
TOPICS: Polite swearing, Knight School, grace and favour and Canada.
GUESTS: Annie Caulfield, Paul Heiney, Pauline Halford and Diana Quick
Can Cows Walk Down Stairs - Paul Heiney
Diana Quick is starring in You Can Never Tell at the Garrick Theatre
Storm Warning: The Origins of the Weather Forecast - Pauline Halford

Tuesday 15th November - 'Smoking, drinking and junk food are good for you' Sandi
TOPICS: Google Love, lust and lunacy, useless information, cheese and road kill and Karaoke
Mark Curry, Go West, Graham Rawle (A Woman's World) and Neil Taylor (Google) guested.
GO WEST new cd - Mmm don't Know
CLICK HERE to find out
If you love Cheese and
Its Joss Dickie's Karaoke, this Friday at the Goldsmith Arms in East Acton and then The Albion in Acton Central on Saturday.

Search Me: The Surprising Success of Google ~Neil Taylor Cyan Books

Woman's World: A Novel ~Graham Rawle Atlantic Books
Round The Horne - Revisted revist Sandi
Monday 14th November - Bonnie and Sandi spent the show tongue twisting.
TOPICS: Speakin proper, maffermatics and the Queen as public enemy number one.
GUESTS: Bonnie Langford, James Geary,Max Decharne and David Rumelle and Robin Sebastian.
ROUND THE HORNE TWO - At the Richmond theatre all this week.
King's Road: The Rise and Fall of the Hippest Street in the World ~Max Decharne.
We Are What We Think: A Journey Through the Wisest and Wittiest Sayings in the World ~James Geary

Thursday 10th November - 'Gorilla's are very well endowed but they don't make sensitive lovers' Sandi
TOPICS: Inspirational people in your life, telling tales out of school and heroines.
Shyama Perera, Clive James, Stephen Inwood and composer of the new Harry Potter - Patrick Doyle.
The Meaning of Recognition: New Essays 2001-2005 ~Clive James Picador City of Cities: The Birth of Modern London ~Stephen Inwood Macmillan Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Soundtrack] ~ Original Soundtrack
Richard Griffiths playing 'Uncle Vernon' in Harry Potter'
(picture image copyright Warner Brothers)
Wednesday 9th October - 'Shitnfarten is the German name for ice skating' Sandi (I always thought it was Eiseislauf, but that's not so funny)
TOPICS The unfortunate story of a fire eater who set a pole dancers breasts alight, the perfect crime and what's being British all about then? Oh and The Chinese President Hu Jintao having dinner with the Queen - (see below)
Annie Caulfield was in the house along with Richard Griffiths who's appearing in 'Heroes' at The Wyndham Theatre, Peter Davies author of Hearts and Minds and Ian Vince - Britain What a State.
Tuesday 8th November - 'I don't remember a bouncy castle in the nativity play' - Sandi
Zoe Lyons, Roger McGough, P J O'Rourke and Philippa Gregory filled the studio.
TOPICS: Paradise because of Milton (the poet not the sterilising fluid) Bery Reid covered in chocolate blancmange and when Tweenies go bad (actually I think that's just a doodle I did on the running order)
Said and Done ~Roger McGough Century Peace Kills ~P.J. O'Rourke Picador The Constant Princess ~Philippa Gregory HarperCollins
Ian Ogilvy - circa 1973
he's still in good nick though, just like Michael York
Monday 7th November - 'Never have more children than you have car windows' - Sandi
Guests: Bunnie Lingfield, Ian Ogilvy, Michael Dobbs and Monty Don.
TOPICS: Outdoor colonic irrigation - is it a water feature too far? And Bonnie told Sandi about the good stuffing she got from her husband on Sunday. Sandi took a visit to the Marie Celeste and found no-one at home (see cartoon below)
Churchill's Triumph Michael Dobbs Headline Book Publishing Ltd My Roots: A Decade in the Garden Monty Don Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Measle and the Mallockee ~Ian Ogilvy.
Find out more about BONNIE LANGFORD -
click here
Friday 4th November - Wendy Lloyd in for Sandi
GREAT BLOGGING SITES (from our listeners) An interesting green
lifestyle blog. Quirky but interesting site in which people send made up or real secrets about themselves. Surprisingly
popular. A commercial blog but the number one place to go if you have an interest in gadgets and technology. A site about the cool and cutting edge. Interesting blog all about hoaxes. Blog about a lady who is training to become an astronaut. This is what they call vlogging or video blogging. This particular site does a fun daily video log news update.
One of my favourite blogs is "The English Cut" it is the insiders view of a bespoke savile row tailor, it is a good voyeuristic insight into a
profession that I know nothing about :- <>Of course there is then "Boing Boing" "A directory of wonderful things"
<>"The Bosh" a great gossip site <> And "Metafilter" which is a self regulated blog of articles:-
Alkarim Jivani the guest along with The king's Singers (new album called SIX on
signum records)

Ye olde Gunpowder bookes -
Gunpowder: The Players Behind the Plot James TraversThe National Archives and The Firemaster's Mistress Christie Dickason HarperCollins

Thursday 3rd November - Wendy Lloyd in for Sandi

Shyama Perera spent most of the show trying to eat a sandwich, Gerald Scarfe(
Drawing Blood Gerald ScarfeLittle, Brown) talked about having his b*lls cut off by some sixties teenage girls and Wendy confessed to wearing PJ's around the house during the day. Charley Boorman (Long Way Round Ewan McGregor, Charley BoormanTime Warner Paperbacks)

(More cartoons on the Surreal McCoy web blog - see below)

Wednesday 2nd November.

Annie Caulfield and Jack Klaff were the top team. TOPICS included last meals, baked beans 24 hour news and colonic irrigation.

Tuesday 1st November

Michael York in his Logan's Run days, but he's still in pretty good nick.

Topics today included sticking cocaine up your a*se, singing mice and religious press gangs.

Bonnie Langford and Hollywood star Michael York dropped by and music by
Pink Martini

Monday 31st October - 'Let me impress you with my longue tongue and teeth' Sandi to Angie Greaves

Today Inder Manocha was in the house, along with a witch and a very nice man from the Pagan Society, then by way of a change Sandi spoke to Kathryn Hughes about her new book on Mrs Beeton. (The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs Beeton - 4th Estate)


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