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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sandi last couple of weeks

Friday 28th October

Live from the Armadeli, deli in Bramley Road Alkarim Jivani was the guest and Blue Harlem provided the music.

Thursday 27th October

Sandi was joined by Mark Curry. We had a bit of a Eurovision 50th anniversary special with Martin from the Brotherhood of Man, Nicki French the UK's 2000 entry and Cheryl Baker!

Don Shiach was in to discuss
Stewart Granger, and Jon Sayer and Jon Bonfigilo came by to talk John Keats.

Check out Mark Curry's dating agency
It Takes 2.

Wednesday 26th October 'I feel good in a pair of big girl knickers' - Sandi

Annie Caulfield the guest.

Two Lipsticks and a Lover ~Helena Frith Powell Gibson Square Books Ltd To Kill Rasputin: The Life and Death of Gregori Rasputin ~Andrew Cook Tempus Publishing Ltd

Tuesday 25th October.

This is the paragraph where I normally tell you about the guests, but due to staff sickness/leaves on the line/wrong rolling stock/signal failure you will have to wait to tomorrow, I know you wont mind.

Monday 24th October.

Bonnie Langford was sandi's guest, Graham Crowden popped in - he's starring in 'Then there none' at The Guilgud Theatre. Charlie Gillet with his guide to world music and Anna Robbins curator of 'Degas, Sickert and Toulouse Lautrec'

Friday 21st October - 'My kids think it's Nelson Mandela that's at the top of Nelson's Column' - Sandi

Alakrim Jivani was Sandi's helper today with a little smattering of Bonnie Langford.

TOPICS: The entire show devoted to Nelson - the man the myth the mistress and the musical.

Nelson ictoria Carolan - Pocket Essentials An Admirable Wife: The Life and Times of Frances, Lady Nelson Sheila Hardy Spellmount Publishers Ltd Nelson's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Commander Stephanie Jones, Jonathan Gosling
NELSON - THE MUSICAL DETAILS and a chance to listen to the musical.
Nelson The New Musical - Listen to the musicQuill Productions Limited presents Nelson The New Musical. Book and Lyrics byJenifer Toksvig. Music by Cathy Shostak. Directed by David

Thursday 20th October - 'Nothing will get me in a caravan' - Sandi

Adrian Mills was Sandi's little star today.

TOPICS: Caravans, Rolf Harris, Battersea and Edward R Murrow.

Lawrence of Arabia: The Life, The Legend ~Malcolm BrownThames and Hudson Ltd. The Bush Theatre Producer of new plays by both British and international authors. and producers on 'The Divide' which stars Nicholas Evans

Wednesday 19th October - 'I tried to help a homeless woman once, she came at me with a knife' - Sandi

TOPICS: Abuse of power, stocking fillers, magic mushrooms and how to win a prize.

Coronation: A History of Kingship and the British Monarchy ~Roy StrongHarperCollins. The Unfortunate Colonel Despard ~Mike Jay Bantam.

Annie Caulfield and David Rose were the guests.

Tuesday 18th October - 'Two wrongs don't make a right but two Wrights make an aeroplane' Sandi

TOPICS: Men's underpants, work disputes, James Bond and great buildings.

Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall Galore Park Publishing James Bond: The Man and His World - The Official Companion to Ian Fleming's Creation ~Henry Chancellor John Murray and finally With Their Backs to the World ~Asne Seierstad Virago Press Ltd

Monday 17th October - 'So Bonnie you'll be giving your fanny on Friday' - Sandi (Bonnie will be playing a famous Fanny on Friday)

TOPICS: Slippers, tacky things in catalogues, Trafalgar and whole bunch of other stuff.

Bonnie Langford was Sandi's little friend today along with the lovely Gyles Brandreth.

BOOK GUESTS TODAY: Helen Of Troy - Written By Bettany Hughes, published by Jonathan Cape. Charles and Camilla - Portrait of a love affair, by Giles Brandreth, published by Century. Mick the real Michael Collins, by Peter Hart published by Macmillan

Monday 10th - Friday 14th

This week Sandi has popped off to Walton-On-The Naze as she finds Essex seaside resorts in the off-peak season so bracing this time of year, James and David have filled her hole except on Thursday when Wendy pops up to do Cycle 2005.

Friday 7th October

Sandi was joined by Shyama Perera, they talked about odd school rules, bells and stupid science.

Billy Bragg and Maxine Edginton came in to talk about the
Rosetta Life charity and their single 'Rosetta Requiem' is available as a download through iTunes. Shelly Poole sung tracks from her new album 'Hard Time for the Dreamer' and Andrew Sachs dropped by to talk about Faulty Towers.

Blue Harlem will be playing at the 100 Club on Oxford Street this Saturday 8th October.

Thursday 6th October

Sandi's guest today was Zoe Lyons. They discussed God's banker, book art and favourite poems

Alice Walker was here, she will be appearing at the
Hackney Empire this Sunday, Joanne Harris came by to talk about her new book 'Gentlemen and Players', and Belinda Hollyer dropped by to talk about National Poetry Day and her collections of poems, She's All That and Haven't You Grown.

Today's winning poem for National Poetry Day was from Cathy in Charlton:

What shall I be today?

On Monday I'm a fireman! Nee naw nee naw! Up with the ladder and pull out the hose. Quick quick! No time to lose!
Tuesday comes and here's my digger.builder day, hurray; lots to dig up, dump and deliver today.
Why is it always wet when I have to be a vet? Wednesdays are fun, especially out on the farm.and I get to wear my wellies. again
It's Thursday and guess what I am? Yes that's it - a postman! Parcels and letters and my favourite thing - birthday cards for all my friends who are celebrating - Happy birthday to you!"
Friday I am up in the clouds flying my plane - up up up and down again. I love the sound the engine makes "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at me up high. I am a pilot in the sky
On Saturday it's time at home. I'll be a cook and make some buns. Flour and eggs and butter to mix. In the oven -they're yum yum yum.
Sunday and it's hard to choose. Best to have a great big snooze. I have a busy week ahead, you see. so today I think I'll just be ME!

Wednesday 5th October

Today Sandi was joined by Annie Caulfield. They praised perfection, went to Cheshire, looked at Jack London and discovered Conquistador Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

Also on today's show were, Pamela Stephenson talking about her new book,
Treasure Islands (Headline), Nicholas Parsons, who is appearing in How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear at the New End Theatre Hampstead and Gloria Hunniford discussed her book Next To You: Caron's Courage Remembered by Her Mother (Michael Joseph) and the Caron Keating Foundation.

Tuesday 4th October

Sue Perkins was laughing alongside Sandi today. They discussed cavorting with camels, inappropriate wedding music, teach yourself books and they had a holy moment.

Robin Cooper came by with
The Return of the Timewaster Letters (Time Warner). The website of the day was Angry Alien, where you can see your favourite films acted out in 30 seconds by rabbits.

Monday 3rd October

Today, Bonnie Langford was in the hot seat with Sandi. They mused over Bonnie's encounter with a wookie, sex in the shires, arts and crafts and Sandi told a three legged chicken joke.

In today's packed show were: Miles Kington, author of
'Someone Like Me' (Headline), Donovan with his autobiography 'The Hurdy Gurdy Man' (Century) and Ned Paul came by discuss bridge and the Pro-Brain Bridge Month. Angela Rippon also dropped by to talk about tea dances and The Dansant De Lux which will be at the Vilar Floral Hall in the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden on 9th October. For tickets call Laura Jane Lavender on 20 8305 7632.


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