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Friday, December 23, 2005


Dear All

I so look forward to this time of year, a chance to impart all our exciting news. Billy the greyhound has finally learnt not to steal cheese from the worktops or worry Gerald's sheepskin slippers. Barbara was delighted to have finally had the ceiling rose re-plastered and has now made up with the boys in flat 4b.

Oh and Aunt Dol is still struggling with you know who, but we're hoping the man next door will sort her out soon. And more good news - the boys now have their stabilisers off their bikes and Katie is back to her pre-pregnancy size 10.

Nearly forgot, little Jinny's arm burst in the summer, but it didn't effect her studies, and we're very pleased that she is now starting to live out her dream as an 'internal sales co-ordinator'

And I think Alan married far to young - she is a lovely Chinese girl.

Must go now, only I've got to get the sprouts on for Christmas Day and my delivery of three tons of 'Eat Me' dates has just arrived.

Happy Christmas


And thanks to you all for the hundreds of Round Robin submissions